Dead Sea Salt Skin Care

Eaune Natural Skin Care Studio offers a variety of dead sea salt skin care products made right in our studio in Toronto Canada, each containing different plant extracts and skin moisturizing organic jojoba oil. Therapeutic qualities of famous Dead Sea Salt has been known and used for skin care purposes for millennia. Other types of salt, including popular Epson and Himalayan salts, contain mainly sodium chloride. Dead Sea Salt, on the other hand, is rich in skin benefiting minerals such as potassium and magnesium.
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Dead Sea Salt Detox Exfoliant

Feel invigorated and cleansed! This natural salt body scrub is filled with purest quality Dead Sea Salt in a base of certified organic oils with skin ..


Dead Sea Salt with Chamomile and Marigold

Pure Dead Sea Salt with extracts of Marigold flower and soothing Chamomile.  Relax in style while nourishing you whole body!..


Dead Sea Salt With Rosehip & Bergamot

Pure Dead Sea Salt with vitamin C richRosehip extract, organic Jojoba oil and Bergamot.    ..


Dead Sea Salt with Seabuckthorn

Pure Dead Sea Salt infused with SeaBuckthorn extract, organic jojoba oil, and lime...