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Article: What Types Of Skin Need A Toner?

What Types Of Skin Need A Toner?

Without a doubt, all types of skin benefit from a well-formulated toner.


Face toner is supposed to restore skin's pH level and moisturize it. Skin needs to maintain a certain pH level at about 5.5 or lower. Most face cleansers and soaps elevate that level, strip all the oils from the skin and leave it dry.  A good face toner will also quickly refresh skin when cleansing is not an option or between cleansing sessions.

OILY SKIN is balanced, extra sebum (natural oil secreted by skin) and impurities are removed, and pores appear smaller.

DRY SKIN is hydrated and the dull look associated with dryness is improved.

If you have COMBINATION SKIN, you will certainly benefit from a good face toner as this type of skin combines both oily and dry skin.


SYNTHETIC. Many ingredients are synthetic and outweigh the benefits of natural ingredients if present at all. Simply toss and forget!

NATURAL WITH FEW OR NO SKIN BENEFITS. The market is saturated with "toners" of natural origin, such as floral waters. They are mostly by-products from essential oil production. Although they do contain essential oil remnants or other plant material with beneficial properties, they don't do anything other than temporarily hydrate the skin only to dry it even more eventually.

Besides, floral waters must be preserved. The most common preservative is synthetic potassium sorbate or skin drying alcohol.

NATURAL AND EFFECTIVE. These natural toners are well formulated with all natural ingredients that also address skin's aforementioned needs. 


  • Moisturizing Agents. The best facial toner should definitely contain moisturizing agents in order to hydrate the skin.
  • PH Balancers. Ideally, these should be skin regenerating AHA or PHA acids.
  • Plant extracts are great but are difficult to preserve naturally.

Learn your ingredients to make sure you know how the product is preserved, you don't want to apply a concoction of synthetic toxins!

  • Toners should NOT contain alcohol. It is a common ingredient in many toners, sometimes for the only purpose of preserving the product. If you have oily skin, simply wipe off your face with damp cloth or cleanse as needed, that should be enough. Excess drying of the skin is completely unnecessary. 


Some skin toners can be sprayed directly on the face, avoid spraying it in your eyes as some of the ingredients can be irritating. Saturating a cotton pad with skin toner and wiping your face is highly recommended right after cleansing to restore the PH balance.

Apply a serum and a moisturizer before your skin has had a chance to dry completely to seal in the moisture.

If you haven't found the toner that works for you yet, please check out our  Antioxidant Facial Toner with Sea Buckthorn extract and moisturizing PHA acids that will bring your skin back to life in no time! 

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