Organic Aromatherapy

Certified organic aromatherapy essential oil blends carefully formulated at Eaune Skin Care Studio in Toronto Canada. Organic Jojoba oil and Vitamin E are added to make essential oil blend more skin-friendly. It is the perfect non-toxic and safe solution to be used for all aromatherapy purposes. Skin safe.
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Earl Grey Essential Oil Blend

This organic essential oil blend is reminiscent of such beloved by many Earl Grey tea. Relaxing and simple elegance of this oil is a good companion in..


Floral Madness Essential Oil Blend

The name of this organic essential oils says it all! Abundantly floral and exotic, the gorgeous smell of this oil evokes a romantic bouquet of freshly..


Ginger & Lime Essential Oil Blend

Deeply refreshing and invigorating, this organic essential oil blend fills you with energy to take on a new challenge! ..


Orange & Spearmint Essential Oil Blend

The uplifting qualities of this organic essential oil blend is guaranteed to take the blues away! Simply add a few drops to enjoy its powerful scent...