A large number of people don't realize the importance of skin. In fact, we often don't know what skin is or forget the significant role that it plays in our body. So, what is skin? Skin is the largest organ in our body. I bet you don't often think of skin in those terms, not many people do, but yes, it's true. Each organ in our body is designed to carry a function and skin is not any different. Skin's function is of utmost importance, it is to protect our body from all sorts of unwanted elements in the environment.
​And yet, so many of us treat skin with complete disrespect! Skin does protect us but it needs our protection as well. Many of the synthetic and toxic chemicals that we apply on our skin daily bypass the protective barrier and end up in our bloodstream.
Eaune Natural Skin Care Studio is proud of the choice of ingredients that go into our products. All our ingredients are either certified organic, natural, or naturally-derived by methods acceptable in the natural cosmetics industry.