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Article: In Search Of Best Skin Care Products

In Search Of Best Skin Care Products


​Why is cosmetic preservation such a hot topic? Why should preservatives be used in natural creams and lotions at all?

The perception of the general public is that cosmetic companies add them in order to maximize their profits by extending the shelf-life of personal care products indefinitely. The reality is that facial and skin products are intended to be used over an extended period of time.

Nutrition-rich moisturizers and creams are very similar in composition to food and, if left unpreserved, very quickly become contaminated with pathogens creating potential serious health risks.

In recent years, some of the synthetic preservatives used in natural skin care products such as parabens and formaldehyde releasing agents have gotten a negative reputation. As a result, a number of brands started formulating their products without any preservatives or using natural preservation methods which are often unable to adequately prevent bacterial and fungal growth.

An improperly preserved natural face care product endangers consumers and can have devastating health consequences on immunosuppressed or otherwise vulnerable individuals.

Formulators dislike preservative even more than consumers. Their only function is preservation and if it were possible not to use any preservatives they would gladly avoid them. Preservatives even in the best skin care products often interfere with the facial care formulation by changing its quality and texture requiring cosmetic chemists to reformulate the product.

Regardless of their importance, many synthetic preservatives used in the cosmetic industry today may be toxic substances. They are assumed to be safe if used correctly and in recommended amounts. Nonetheless, their cumulative long term health effects are still unknown.

Proof of microbiological stability in a natural skin care product is unfortunately not yet required by the government. However, ethical and professional standards should be exercised by any company that offers their creams and moisturizers for sale.

Cosmetic preservative challenge testing is often disregarded as it requires a significant financial investment. For that very reason some of the natural face care products on the market have never passed the proper testing for bacterial contamination.

Although we make our all-natural skin care products without conventional cosmetic preservatives, all our formulas have passed laboratory testing requirements for microbiological stability.

As a result of our painstaking extensive research, we have formulated our best skin care products using combinations of various natural ingredients, which work simultaneously to achieve effective preservation in our face care naturally.

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