Natural Skin Care

Natural skin care is not an option, it's the rule!

Eaune natural skin care products are proudly made in Toronto Canada and are entirely free of any synthetic or toxic materials. Skin is the largest human organ, which means that it require snatural, healthy nourishment just like the rest of our body. So why treat it any differently? Non natural skin care products may promise quick results but don't have long-lasting benefits. The long-term effects of some of the chemicals in those skin care products are not very well-known. Skin, especially our face, is one of the first parts of our body to show aging, so, understandably,quick fixes promised by many skin care products seem attractive. Genetics play a large role in the rate at which aging occurs, but by maintaining an effective natural skin care routine, we can help slow down the signs of aging. In order to maintain healthy-looking skin, we need appropriate natural routine that provides nourishment, effective cell regeneration, and adequate moisturizing and protection. Eaune natural skin care is handcrafted with impeccable style and is affordable to everyone, as we firmly believe that organic natural cosmetic products should not be an expensive choice but an essential part of our daily routine.

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Intensive Therapy Hand Cream | 100ml

Claim your irresistibly smooth hands now! Very light, fast absorbing hand cream specifically designed for busy hands. Will do the job instantaneously ..


Moisturizing Body Cream | 237ml

The ultimate after shower treat! Pamper you skin with this softening, antioxidant rich body cream. Absorbs instantly while leaving skin nourished and ..


Dead Sea Salt Detox Exfoliant

Feel invigorated and cleansed! This natural salt body scrub is filled with purest quality Dead Sea Salt in a base of certified organic oils with skin ..


Ancient Grains Mild Exfoliant

Say good bye to dead skin cells, expose the new you!Ancient Grains Mild Exfoliant is a body scrub that is best for sensitive skin. It combines all the..


Rosehip Vitamin C Exfoliant

Exfoliate. See your skin breathe! This all natural sugar scrub for body combines therapeutic qualities of Rosehip extract with Vitamin C to revive fre..