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Making all natural skin care products has been my passion since I can remember. Formulating creams and lotion has always been a part of my life growing up. I inherited this interest for everything natural from my mother, who deeply recognized the importance of using natural ingredients in our daily lives. As time went by, my interest in natural products and, especially, skin care only grew and opening a natural cosmetic business felt like a natural progression to me.

Equipped with the background in science acquired at McGill University, I obsessively spent my nights and day formulating the perfect face cream. The goal that I set for myself wasn't easy; my products will be 100% natural and have anti aging skin care properties. It will address everything that skin needs, from keeping it moisturized and nourished to antioxidant protection. It had to feel perfect on the face and smell delicious! After a couple of years of having tried almost every natural ingredient on the planet, I was finally content with the results.

The next stage was even harder, something that nobody likes to talk and think about - cosmetic preservation! Preserving a natural skin care product by all natural methods proved to be next to impossible but adding synthetic preservatives was never on my list of options. Again, many months passed and many lab tests came back negative. The fact is that if skin care contains any nutritious content, which my products have a lot of, microorganisms will want to live in it. Having face creams with bacteria growing in them wasn't a pleasant (or safe!) thought so my work continued. Finally success! I had a stable and well-preserved face cream formula, I had designed all my packaging, chose beautiful cosmetic bottles, printed them and voila! Eaune was finally ready to be born...

My story is not yet long, but it is a happy one. It is a happy story because my customers share my love for my natural face care products. Every time I get a positive feedback, I feel an immense sense of pride and I know that the long and difficult road to success hasn't been taken in vain.