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Eaune Skincare is devoted to promoting natural alternatives to conventional synthetic skin and face care products. Our natural skincare is handcrafted in Toronto Canada in small amounts and is always fresh. We are dedicated to providing our customers with top quality natural skin and face care by formulating our products using only certified organic, natural, and naturally derived ingredients.

Eaune Skincare is committed to providing an honest service to our customers by excluding any misleading information on our labels, brochures, or website. We are committed to accurately disclosing all our natural skin care ingredients. We do not make unsubstantiated claims. All our claims are supported by scientific evidence and their sources are available to our customers on our website.

We formulate our all-natural face care products exclusively from certified organic, natural, and naturally derived ingredients. Our certified organic ingredients are certified by accredited certifying bodies. Our natural ingredients are extracted without the use of harsh synthetic materials. Our naturally derived ingredients are prepared in accordance with the methods acceptable in the natural skin care industry.

Our products are a culmination of an extensive research. We make our handcrafted, all natural skin care in small amounts to ensure freshness and lasting quality. All our face care products are free of synthetic preservatives and yet are absolutely safe for use. Our products have passed microbiological laboratory testing to eliminate any microbial contamination and to guarantee biological stability and product safety. 

At Eaune, we firmly stand behind our principles. We work very hard to reduce the use of toxic elements from our everyday life, even if the steps that we take are minimal. By formulating our natural face care products without synthetic ingredients, we hope to reduce their production by eliminating their need from the face care industry, thus taking another step forward into a cleaner future. We use only recyclable high quality packaging to reduce the impact of synthetic materials on the environment. 

In the industry where there are no strict government regulations on what can be claimed on the label of a face cream, moisturizer, or a lotion, many natural skin care manufacturers or self-proclaimed regulators, such as some websites not affiliated with the industry at all, take it upon themselves to categorize ingredients as natural or synthetic, toxic or beneficial without properly researching their chemical properties or their production methods. We strongly encourage our customers to thoroughly investigate any natural face care information and its source, especially if it originates from the internet, before purchasing any natural face care product.